Weber Rose, A brief History

Weber Rose, PSC’s reputation as an outstanding Louisville law firm began over 35 years ago.  At that time, the firm was known as Handmaker, Weber, Meyer, and Rose, and three of the firm’s current attorneys, Hite Nally, Jim Gary, and Andy Draut, were just beginning their legal careers with the firm.

Eventually, Handmaker, Weber, Meyer, and Rose became Weber and Rose, named after its founding members, Shelly Weber and Alex Rose.  In the 80’s and 90’s, the firm focused almost entirely on litigation and was well known for its medical malpractice defense work.  In the early 2000’s, under the leadership of Darryl Durham, the firm began to actively broaden its litigation practice group, which remains the firm's largest, and also develop its estate planning and commercial real estate and other practice groups.   In the following years, Weber and Rose evolved into a full service firm which represents businesses and business owners throughout Louisville and Kentucky.  The firm’s attorneys practice business and estate planning, employment law, corporate law and commercial real estate law, among others.

The firm not only works with established businesses, but with entrepreneurs and startup businesses as well.  While the firm still practices medical malpractice defense, it also serves as general counsel for multiple healthcare providers, representing them in business litigation matters, as well as corporate and real estate transactions.  The firm also defends healthcare providers and retailers in premises liability disputes and has developed a strong creditor’s rights practice, which includes tax lien foreclosure litigation and commercial bankruptcy. 

The firm has always seen itself as a family, both as an office and with its clients, many of which Weber Rose has served for well over a decade.  For many years, the firm participated in the Kentucky Derby Balloon glow using its old logo pictured above. Recently, the firm re-branded, dropping the “&” and adopting a new logo. The firm’s new brand was featured in an Insider Louisville article which highlighted its desire to recruit new attorneys and preserve the firm’s legacy by helping foster the development of its next generation of lawyers.