Weber Rose Attorney Spotlight: Brittany Griffin Smith

Brittany Griffin Smith joined the firm in the Fall of 2014.  In addition to her J.D., she also has a M.A. in Communications with an emphasis in Media Law and Public Policy.  It was her love for the media that ultimately made her decide to go to law school.  Working in media, she saw the pervasive impact the law had and enjoyed observing how important media related policy issues were decided in the courtroom.  Ultimately, she knew she wanted to be a part of that process and she set her eyes on becoming a litigator.  Brittany now practices litigation and media law. 

Brittany also just had a baby!  So when she isn’t practicing law she is busy being a new mom.  Her favorite things are making her baby smile, taking his picture, and anxiously awaiting the many milestone moments that are to come.