Don't let your employees text and drive!

By: Rachel Dickey 

Insurance companies have been paying attention to the accident statistics involving cell phone use.  As a business owner, you can expect for your carrier to start asking if you have a transportation policy in place that covers cell phone use by employees while driving.  This doesn’t just apply to large corporate businesses. Even small businesses should have these policies in place if their employees are driving on the job.

Why do insurance companies care? Because of the increased risk for liability.  There is a 1 in 4 probability that a motor vehicle crash will involve a cell phone and  341,000 accidents involved texting in 2013. 

While every business is different and may require customized policies to reasonably fit their needs, as a business owner or manager, you should make sure that your cell phone driving policy (or broader transportation policy that includes the company policy on cell phone use while driving) is formalized and signed by your employees.  This policy should extend to any employees that drive during the work day, even if they are using their own car and cell phone to perform company business.   

In general, the safest approach is to ban the use of cellphones while driving all together. This includes texting, emailing, using apps, and talking on the phone via a hands free device.  The business’s policy should be included in new hire orientation, sent out regularly via email to employees as a reminder, and should be posted in high traffic employee areas.