Louisville's Renaissance

Good News for Louisville Startups  

Author: Mike Lannon

Louisville Mayor Greg Fisher was quoted in Tops Louisville, saying “Our city is going through a renaissance.  We’ve never had this level of investment going on, either from within the city or from people outside the city.”  

This renaissance is cultivating the growth of Louisville’s startup ecosystem more than ever before.   But a good idea is just the first step.  While many entrepreneurs turn to the internet when it is time to set up a new business entity, setting up your business with the secretary of state is just the tip of the iceberg and many legal form websites don’t take into account the nuances of local laws, not to mention the nuances of your particular startup business. 

The entity type you select and the necessary documentation you need to support the business’s formation are impacted by the nature of your business, the tax implications, the business’s growth strategy, the investments you intend to seek, and many more factors.   Speaking with an attorney who is experienced in tax and corporate law in the early stages can often prevent costly issues in the future. 

If you’re exploring the idea of starting a business, or you’ve already started pursing a startup venture, our firm can help you look to the future and come up with a strategy that will position your business for growth.